Hollywood movies are known for their high entertainment value. Are there any secret formulas? In this class you will learn the craft of storytelling that is logically and mathematically presented. You will also learn how to develop your story commercially by using the concept of “MAP” navigation. This will make your “journey” in writing much easier. This lecture is for creators in general for example producers, directors, actors, distributors and anyone who is interested in storytelling, not just scriptwriters.

Date Classes
28th 30th March 2018 Visual Storytelling 3 days basic class @ Arte Academy in Puchong
15th 16th May 2017 ASTRO scriptwriting class for Malay contents @ Astro Capability Centre
1st - 2nd December 2016 Visual Storytelling for Marza Animation Planet (in Tokyo)
17th December 2015 Visual Storytelling Advanced Class @ FINAS PITCHING CENTER
17th - 18th December 2015 Visual Stroytelling @ FINAS PITCHING CENTER
12th – 13th October 2015 Visual Stroytelling @ FINAS PITCHING CENTER
8th 9th September 2015 Visual Stroytelling @ FINAS PITCHING CENTER
28th – 29th May 2013 Visual Stroytelling @ TV3
21st 25th November 2011 Masterclass on Visual Storytelling @ FINAS
22nd – 26th November 2010 Masterclass on Scriptwriting @FINAS
2nd – 6th November 2009 Masterclass on Scriptwriting for Animation
10th – 16th October 2009 Masterclass on Scriptwriting for FINAS Personnel
9th - 13th February 2009 Masterclass on Scriptwriting
13th Jun, 16th & 17th Oct 2012 Visual Storytelling (MDeC – 2012 IPCC Winners)
21st - 22nd June 2011 Ultimate Storytelling (SAP Malaysia)
4th – 6th December 2010 Ultimate Storytelling (Kolej Yayasan Sabah)
11th – 12th November 2010 Ultimate Storytelling (ASTRO)
15th – 17th September 2010 Ultimate Storytelling (MDeC – 2010 IPCC Winners)
From 2009 till present Hollywood Storytelling in Japan
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