Kamal and Erin, a couple facing midlife crisis after prolonged lack of real communication, caused by years of failure at trying to have a baby. On their 10th year anniversary, they decide to have a trip to Bako National Park where they had their trip over 10 years ago to reignite their bond of love and marriage. On their way to Bako, Erin inadvertently discovers that Kamal is drafting a note that implies he is planning to end it all. Shocked, she starts feeling sorry for Kamal and also feels guilty about the situation. But later she finds out Kamal's secret, that makes her infuriated and upset, so she begins to plan the perfect murder, using his note as strong evidence of his death.

"The Making of NOTA"
"Lari, Sayang, Lari" - Series
After 10 months, Jefri receives news about Hakimi being found in a nursery in Tapah, Perak.  He is hot on Hakimi’s heels again as Hakimi runs from the police into the jungle in Perak.
Meanwhile, Surina goes through a lot of struggles, from the diabolical plans of Roslina and Fanz, the psychiatrist who are trying to drive her insane and commit her to an asylum.
Hakimi is on the run again. He has to run to prove his innocent, for the love of Surina and discover the mastermind behind the plans to frame him.

"Lari, Sayang, Lari"- Episode 0 (premiered at 23rd Oct 2011, Sunday, 10PM on Astro Prima)
Hakimi (Alif Satar), 21, becomes a suspect for the murder of his lover, Surina's (Erin Malek) arranged fiance. He is on the run for his life, all over the country in his quest to find the real murderer and prove his innocence. Hakimi dreams of starting a new life with Surina as he is trailed by Surina’s uncle, Jefri (Roy Azman), who is a private detective.

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